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Is Apple Rotten?

I remember the first time I ever used an Apple device. It was one of those heavy as hell, colourful first iterations of the iMac. I was hooked.

At a young age I had grown frustrated with PCs. They were clunky, slow, and riddled with viruses. I would often get frustrated and stop working on my task because the brick PC just wouldn't get the job done.

Since then, I have gone on to own iMacs, MacBooks, Mac Pros, iPods, all of the iPhones, Apple Watch, Apple TVs 1 - 4, do all of my media purchasing through iTunes, and link my home to my phone with HomeKit. Currently, where accepted, I use Apple Pay.

Owning a new Apple product was a given in my world, because they just worked. The near flawless execution of products and OS were mindbogglingly smooth.

But then something started to happen a few years ago. Apple products have gone from assumption of purchase to wait and see. If it works and sustains, I will buy their product. I can no longer assume that what Apple will put out will make my life better.

But why, Jay? Why have you downgraded Apple so? Well, here's the list.


As a developer, I have seen the Betas they release go downhill. They continue to release buggier Betas that don't even feel ready for Beta stage release. It's almost like they get bored working on their new OS or iOS, so they just decide to release it for fun; watching us all lose our damn minds.


I have been told by many at Apple that I use my phone too much. That's right. You read that correctly. They suggest I get a business and personal iPhone so that my tech can keep up with me. I'm sorry, but I was under the impression that my iPhone was built to handle both.

MacBook Pro

I have now owned 6 MacBook Pros and this last release has been embarrassing. Just take a look at the forums. The once powerful machine is now riddled with issues. I've had to replace it in less than 6 months, and I like the beach, but I'm tired of the beach ball. It ran like a dream for a few days, and has been "broken" ever since.


It's never worked properly. It seems every time I want to mirror my display Apple decides to extend my desktop, and vice versa. Then there's the crashing for no apparent reason.

Apple Watch

Meh. The health side of things is a leap forward, but that's about it. You can get a wearable from other providers for a fraction of the cost with the same features.

Apple TV

The only device that has truly performed for me in the way I have become accustomed to, is the Apple TV. The newest model is amazing. So for that, I applaud Cook and company.

Why, Apple? Why?

I don't know if it's because Steve Jobs died, or because you can only be innovative for so long, but Apple has lost a step. Their products keep playing catch up, and while they are still superior hardware providers, every year the computers continue to lack that Apple shine.

Tie that together with the fan boys in the media that refuse to admit Apple just isn't orgasmic anymore, and there's a recipe for disaster brewing. Take the new MacBook Pro announcement on the 10th of this month. An OLED strip, touch sensor, new look, and ports. These are the big announcements, and TechCrunch to Mashable are calling the new MBP a breakthrough. Really? Everything in that announcement has been done before.

Addressing the Elephant in the Room

Instead of addressing the real challenges of users, Apple is once again playing catch up, and releasing a MacBook Pro that can only be described as adequate. Where's the slide out second and third displays, the touch screen with multi-touch, the tablet switch, the projector functionality? Where is the iPhone slide in charger? The list goes on and on. Apple has again left us with cords, clunky apps like iDisplay, and broken dreams.

At this rate, Apple is going to have to resort to sexy women using a Mac to grab attention. Yes, it's a sad day.

What are your experiences with Apple products over the years?

Written by: Jay Hall - Chief Strategist


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