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Platform Issues

It is no secret that there are two divergent but similar issues with most ticketing platforms. Either event planners are not given enough access to their back-end or they are given full access to bloated and often confusion event management systems.

Lack of Innovation

Ticketing companies have largely let their service offerings sit as the industry can produce robust passive income. This means there is a lack of innovation with small changes to features but no large scale reinventing of the wheel.

Customer Solutions Lacking

Most ticketing platforms have terrible customer service and thusly, create tension with their customer base.

Event Control

Many event planners feel like they don't have control over their event management and ticketing platform. This is because of cookie cutter solutions and data controls.

High Fees

The public's disdain for Ticketmaster's high fees is well documented, and that is a regular occurrence within the industry.



Keeping it simple is what we do. 95% of features require one-click to navigate and our brand/event options menus are regarded as the most organized and efficient menu systems throughout the industry by established veterans.

Reinventing the Wheel

Our CEO is a longtime event planner and knows what planners go through to execute their vision. As such, we apply real world use cases to re-imagine features such as the buying process, CRMs, guest lists, and more.

Point Support

Great support is the cornerstone of INCREDEVENT. We employ a 4 point system for support that includes phone, email, chat, and text solutions all handled within one dashboard. Our customer service reps are all connected to one number and incentivized to respond quickly. Also, all reps go through extensive platform training.

The Keys to the Kingdom

Planners have endless control over their events with no data restrictions.

Fair Fees

With contracts in place, our administration fees are quite competitive. Instead of charging a flat processing charge, we use Al to determine the proper amount.


Version 1 of Diyobo (formerly TicketTote, now INCREDEVENT) was built in 2008. Version 2 of Diyobo was completed November 2017.

For approximately 1 year, research was done to learn what features were required for Version 3.

Upon spending time with our customer base and learning what their needs are, we decided an entirely new re-launch as INCREDEVENT was in order.


Currently, the platform offers 13 buyer features, 48 planner features and 13 promoter features. That's a lot of power under our hood!

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We have a rich history in the events industry as well as delivering digital products and services.

Take a look at past projects that were either wrapped into INCREDEVENT or sold.

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