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About us


About us

Sync Digital Solutions has evolved over the years as the marketplace changed and due to the pandemic of 2020. What started out as a marketing firm for just about any industry has become an IT and marketing firm specializing in event management and ticketing.

Our client base is nearly exclusive to INCREDEVENT clients and features several multi-national brands.

Sync is a small but mighty company with dozens of team members based out of the head office in the heart of downtown Winnipeg. We have several remote staff members as well.

Our offices feature a war room, photo/video/podcast studio, and a lounge with with a basketball court, full kitchen, gaming, VR, and more!

The company will continue to evolve with the marketplace and has recently added AI and block chain technologies to its ambitious schedule of products and services.

Think of Sync as the marketing arm of INCREDEVENT.


You won't find too many suits at the Sync offices. Our team is a mix of creatives and business minded with a laid back flow to work. Think Silicon Valley meets a business networking event.

We believe strongly in the mantra that if you don't love what you do, you shouldn't be doing it. And sure, not every day is a picnic in the marketing and IT space but our team genuinely enjoy what we do.

The various departments that make up Sync include:

  • Business management

  • Marketing and sales

  • Website development and design

  • Digital customer service

  • Design, media and branding

Q3 2023 we look to launch a dedicated blockchain and AI division, changing the way people buy tickets.

Management Team

Management must be robust but also efficient. Each team member is responsible for their own achievements guided by the management team.



About our CEO

Jay refers to himself as a lifelong student. He has spent decades in the event and nightlife space, has a background in business and development, and he has a natural aptitude for leadership.

Jay's one and only goal is to do something that every year that contributes to the world in a positive way (while making money, of course). His most recent passion project was using his online prowess to help get nurses in Manitoba arbitration and a contract.

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