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  • Jay Hall

What Makes a Website Great?

There's a lot of noise about what makes a website great. In the 1990's a great website had flashy movement. In the early 2000's it was all about big and loud graphics. Now, in 2017 there is a different take on the subject. You see, just a few years ago websites were viewed as billboards and ads by many; some still think this way. You shouldn't.

If you have a brick and mortar location I want you to take a step outside and view your storefront. That's your home page. Now, enter. Take in the decor, talk to your staff about their positions within the company, and play around with your products and services.

If you don't have a brick and mortar location, take a look at your logo and branding package, then proceed with the other steps.

That is your website!

Now of course, there are technical aspects to building a great website, but that's where you should start. Then, once you get to the technical side, here's some quick points to note:

  • Make it responsive: there are endless advantages to making sure your site fits on all kinds of devices.

  • On-Site SEO: make sure big search can find you.

  • Image to Text Ratio: ensure that you have a good balance; go 40:60.

  • Clean and Modern: Don't get caught in the trap of trying to be too fancy. Keep it clean and your customers will appreciate the ease of use.

  • CTAs: Ensure there are regular calls to action throughout the site.

Once you take care of those steps, you're ready to step into a more advanced setup. But first, before all of the technical aspects surrounding website creation, make sure you treat your website like another storefront or office.

If you need help with building your next great website, let me know. I love working with new clients that offer great products and services.


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