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Understanding Our Packages: Online Marketing You Can Bank On

If you've ever considered working with a marketing agency in the past, you've probably re-visited the subject several times. Quite often there are 4 uncertainties that go through business owner's minds when making the all important decision to work with an online team that's not in-house:

  1. How will content work?

  2. How will I gauge results?

  3. Will communication be solid?

  4. How will live branding and online branding work hand-in-hand?

As a business owner myself, I understand the need for accountability and defined agreements. In fact, it has been a part of our growth over the last 2 years to establish programs for all types of business owners.

Couple what you're about to dive into with an award winning graphics and video department, and the best R&D team in the industry, and you'll quickly see why your business should be Synced.

Here's what we offer:

  • Online Marketing Training: For the businesses that want to do it all ... properly.

  • Growth.Hack: If you want to grow your online audience, introducing new potential customers to your brand, but still control content.

  • Executive Level: We do it all, and report back to you.

Now, let's define these programs.

Online Marketing Training

We have put together the most comprehensive OLM training on the planet (seriously). In the training you will learn how to build a website from scratch, manage your base SEO, revolutionize your social media, and you'll acquire the skills to use all the tools needed to bring it all together (IE: Photoshop, cameras, etc.).

You'll go through training videos, and have access to our team via Slack for consultation during the course.

The Goal: Learn and implement in 2 hours/week. While we didn't build the course with the goal of spending only 2 hours/week on your OLM, that has been what previous students have reported back to us; once they get through the course, they can implement all of their online strategies in just 2 hours/week! That's less time than most spend looking at selfies, food porn, and dogs smiling for the camera.


Our most popular service offering! You control the content while we bring you new customers. We do this by administering your network growth on social media, implementing changes to your SEO monthly, and taking care of your advertising online. We also offer valuable advice in drafting your marketing plan and video training regarding our tried, tested, and true posting procedures.

In short, you publish the content in-house, we bring new customers in the doors.

The Goal: 8% (in many cases much higher) growth on your networks month-after-month. Quality leads, and connections that take action to be a part of your network. So, no spam.

Executive Level

Content, posting, ads administration, network growth, SEO, website design, social media administration, interaction management, and consultation come together with our Executive Level package that is working 24/7 for you. Quite literally, you rarely have to think about your online marketing with this service. We will work with you quarterly to establish programs and goals, then get to work so you can worry about the business that you love.

The Goal: Definable ROI, and our teams working together to ensure maximum revenue growth while alleviating advertising expenses where we can.

The Communication

Sync has strong communication procedures with our many fantastic clients:

  • Communication via a closed, secure chat.

  • Same day support.*

  • Monthly reporting via Trello, keeping all reports in one place for comparison.

  • Availability for Google Hangout meetings.

  • Quarterly planning sessions.

  • Our Departments: Content, Research & Development, Multimedia, SEO, Design. Get access to them all with certain service offerings.

This is the part where you get excited! We, quite literally have an option for everyone. Work with a team of business owners, TV producers, SMM influencers, published authors, and just all around smarty-pants kinda people (your kind of people).

Give us a shout, and if we both feel good about a potential client relationship, we'll get to work immediately, growing your business. Oh, and by us, I mean we. Every client relationship starts with a conversation between you and the actual owner of Sync. That's just how much we care about making sure you are well taken care of.

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