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Perfect Pinterest Image Sizes 2022

Pinterest is all about visuals. Around 250 million people use Pinterest every month to discover trends and find inspiration. When it comes to Pinterest images, you need to think verticals as this format is designed to fit tall images rather than wide ones.

Recommended Pinterest image sizes for 2022:

  • Pinterest Profile picture size: 165 x 165 Pixels

  • Pinterest Profile Cover photo size: 800 x 450 Pixels (minimum)

  • Pinterest Board Display image size: 222 x 150

  • Pinterest Pins size: 1000 x 1000 Pixels (square) 1000 x 1500 (recommended)

  • Pinterest Story Pins size: 1080 x 1920 Pixels

  • Pinterest Idea Pins size: 1080 x 1920 Pixels

  • Pinterest Video size: square (1:1) or vertical (2:3, 9:16) Length: Minimum 4 seconds, maximum 15 minutes

  • Pinterest Promoted Video size: square (1:1) or widescreen (16:9) Length: Minimum 4 seconds, maximum 15 minutes

  • Pinterest Promoted carousels size: 2-5 images per carousel, aspect ratio: 1:1 or 2:3

3 Tips for Posting on Pinterest

  1. Don’t Overlook Titles & Descriptions Even though your title can be 100 characters, only the first 40ish will show. Make sure your title is short, captivating, and relatable to your post. Descriptions aren’t included in the preview, but they are used for algorithm purposes. Always consider your audience and industry.

  2. Stay Up-To-Date on New Features Idea Pins are the latest roll out from Pinterest. A similar concept as Story Pins, but with a few changes. Idea Pins have creators in mind: more editing options, topic tags are included, and there is an optional details page. If your video is supposed to encourage recreation, the details page allows you to list the instructions, materials, ingredients, etc., in a clean format.

  3. Pinterest Predicts Even though their 2020 trend predictions were 80% accurate, it’s still described as “A not-yet-trending report”. Incorporating their projections into your long-term marketing plan can’t hurt. Best case, you’re ahead of the trend. Worst case, an idea didn’t perform as well. What's the forecast for 2021? Apparently, “podcast design” and “gourmet food plating” are here to stay.

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