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Perfect LinkedIn Image Sizes for 2022

Many companies make the mistake that LinkedIn is the bland professional network where your profiles don’t need the wow factor of the others. While it’s true that brand fidelity and clarity are the most important elements here, a beautifully turned-out LinkedIn profile is an invaluable asset and calling card for your brand.

Aim for polished, maximum resolution pictures. If recruitment is a goal, use your image real estate to show off your company’s best side.

Recommended LinkedIn image sizes for 2022:

Company pages:

  • LinkedIn company logo size: 300 x 300

  • LinkedIn cover photo size: 1536 x 768

  • LinkedIn Dynamic Ads size: 100 x 100 (company logo)

  • LinkedIn Sponsored Content image size: 1200 x 627

  • LinkedIn Hero image size: 1128 x 376

  • LinkedIn Business Banner image: 646 x 220

Personal pages:

  • LinkedIn profile picture size: 400 x 400

  • LinkedIn background photo size: 1584 x 396

  • LinkedIn post image size: 1200 x 1200 (desktop) 1200 x 628 (mobile)

  • LinkedIn link post size: 1200 x 628

  • LinkedIn video size: 256 x 144 (minimum) to 4096 x 2304 (maximum)

  • Maximum LinkedIn video length: 10 minutes

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