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Does Your Business Need an App?

In the last 12-months Google has seen a huge surge in a few search terms. The first of which is, “How to build an app for my business?” It’s great that so many business leaders are taking an interest in the final frontier of marketing, but before you jump in with both feet, please ask yourself if your business NEEDS an app.

I stress need because an app can be a great vehicle for some business, but a simple drain on the wallet for others. Accengage recently published a new survey about mobile apps and push notifications. Some of the findings may shock you.

Now, there is a ton of information on the infographic you’re about to see, but the part I’d like to talk about today is at the top of the graphic. There is one glaring stat that you need to explore, and that is, “1/5 users will only launch your mobile app once”. With quality apps starting at $15,000USD, is the production of a company app a good use of your funds?

Apps Facts

The 1/5 stat is actually a bit higher than I was expecting, because most apps produced by businesses highlighting their products or services have sat on my iPhone for years with only one launch. Why?

Well, it comes down to content. The ONLY popular apps are those that constantly push out new and relevant info to an interested audience. The best examples of this would be media, movie theatres, and other rotational businesses.

Having a 20% coupon up for 6-months is not going to keep the people coming back to your app. Weekly deals, new specials, a changing environment; these are the subjects that will keep people launching.

The number one reason any business should want an app is to be able to push notifications out to those that have installed it. Without content to push, there’s no reason to launch. It’s really that simple.


So, ask yourself, honestly, “Do I need an app for my business?” Just because someone is out there to present an idea to you, doesn’t mean it’s a good idea. It all comes down to this … do you have the content and ability to push promotions that will keep people engaged weekly? If not, spend more time on your other digital mediums.

And now for the infographic …

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