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Changing Careers? Here's the 2017 Industries of Growth

I'm not changing careers in 2017, but it would seem to a lot of people are. With that in mind, I figured I'd offer friends, connections, and those looking to make a new mark on this world a blog with the top 10 industries of growth going into the New Year.


  1. Voice over Internet Protocol Providers (VoIP): $17.4% growth

  2. Wind Power: 11.2% growth

  3. eCommerce & Online Auctions: 9.4% growth

  4. Environmental Consulting: 9.4% growth

  5. Biotechnology: 9.6% growth

  6. Video Gaming: 8.3% growth

  7. Solar Power: 7.9% growth

  8. Third-Party Admins: 7.7% growth

  9. Correctional Facilities: 7.5% growth

  10. Internet Publishing & Broadcasting: 6.8%

Now, for those of you looking at this list wondering where to start, I can offer you this advice. When I have multiple positions available at SYNC, I never post the actual position. Instead, I post the skills required, and then interview based on those skills. After the interview is over, I'll generally pick the person that clearly has said skills, but show passion as well.

If you're looking to get into one of these industries, pick what you have the skills for, and as well as the passion. For example, if I were looking to jump careers I would probably pick #1, #6, or #10. I'm passionate about tech, and possess skills in that area.

So, onward with your passions, and I wish you the best of luck in the hunt.

Written by: Jay Hall, Chief Strategist

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