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Beta for Our Online Marketing Training Has Finished: Here's How You Can Benefit

I usually try to keep a fairly even tone in my posts to Pulse. I do this because I'm relaying information to all of you in hopes that your professional lives will benefit, and each post is an incremental change to your online marketing.

Today though, I AM EXCITED! The main reason for my excitement is because we have now officially wrapped up our BETA testing for Online Marketing training, or OLM Training for short. That means, this post isn't about incremental change, but rather complete and total revolution.

Why We Built This Program

First, let me tell you why I decided that my team and I should move into training. It's because of these two quotes, "I can't afford an agency right now," and, "I want to keep my marketing in-house". I also moved into training because it was a natural step to take. To date, I've been asked to train 112 different groups of people on all things OLM. Putting together a course online is just the next level of that commitment to clients, and businesses that are either at a stage where they can't hire an agency, or they have a workflow that doesn't compliment bringing an agency in.

So, what's the course? Basically, since we started working with the 16 companies of varying industries on the BETA, our goal was to find as many shortcuts as possible without sacrificing quality.

Here's what the program covers:

  • Website design and upkeep.

  • SEO.

  • Facebook.

  • Twitter.

  • Instagram.

  • LinkedIn.

  • Content.

  • Workflow.

  • Advertising.

  • Network growth.

  • & More!

It's a huge undertaking, and contains hours of video. Each training also includes all supplement materials, app suggestions, and discounts for services that you require to go full steam ahead with OLM.

Look, I've been working in OLM since 2005. It seems crazy to say that it's been that long, but it has. I would have never survived without finding the shortcuts to save time. I'm passing on my team's knowledge and quality shortcuts.

The Goal of the Program

The goal is to make it so that any person who takes this course can ultimately handle their OLM in 2 hours per week. That sounds crazy, I know. However, it's absolutely what our BETA participants have been able to do. If you're skeptical, that's okay. I get it. We didn't actually set-out to make the 2 hours per week mark a reality. We just wanted to create the most comprehensive OLM training online. As we drilled down, we realized that the ten's of thousands of hours spent on R&D has actually afforded us the ability to put this program out with that promise. In all honesty, we just really wanted to make the lives of those who can't take on agency fees better. That's my goal in everything, and when you can get a handle on OLM in 2 hours per week, your life will be better.

Get Signed Up

After you master this course, if you have a great offering to the public, you will possess revenue producing digital marketing. Seriously. If you're curious, go to this link and sign up for the newsletter. We'll be announcing the first webinar on August 1st.

Written by: Jay Hall - Chief Strategist

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