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Out of BETA: Agency In My Pocket, a New Inexpensive Service From Sync

Throughout 2019, we've been testing a new service called Virtual Consultation. We started the program with 50 companies in response to an industry trend that we could see coming. More and more businesses are recognizing the power of social media and digital marketing. As business owners and managers come to appreciate that digital isn't just a fad, they place a higher value on the tasks at hand, and as such, they want to have in-house marketing people.

There are pros and cons to an in-house marketing person.


  • You have someone down the hall ready to pull the trigger on tasks.

  • Dedicated to your business solely.

  • More control over day-to-day operations.


  • A single person doing the work instead of a team.

  • One person often costs as much as an agency contract.

  • Lack of knowledge and access to the latest updates as they happen.

Virtual Consultation solves the cons through how the service functions. VC is a service that provides you access to the Sync Digital Solutions management team via Slack. We provide answers to your most pressing digital concerns, critical updates that you and your team should know about, and we offer discounts and promotional rates on items you can't obtain without having large agency accounts, or you happen to be part of a Top 500 company.

Think of it as almost marketing tech support. You have problems, we have solutions.

The results are staggering as well. Of the 50 companies we've worked with on the program in the last year, all 50 stayed on when their free BETA concluded. Well, all except 3, who became full agency clients.

So, what is having all the answers to your digital marketing problems worth to you? What is having access to up-to-the-hour updates worth to you?

Our rates range from $449/month when paid annually to $579/month when paid monthly. That's a small price to pay for the resources of an entire agency.

Let's work together. Drop me an email and I'll get you started.

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